Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rindas summertime photography scavenger hunt 2013 No 2

My hunting is going slowly for the scavenger hunt. I have a few photos.  Got a few more ideas but just got to get there to take them!

This one is for number 9 a photo with someone who is out of place or doesnt belong. I am not so sure if this comes out in the photo, but I came out of the bakery early one morning and in the dark it looked like a giraffe standing in the road. It was of course tied onto the truck, but from the angle I was in you couldnt really see that. By the time I had fetched my phone from the car, it had lightened up a little, but I think it still looks a bit like it is in the road. That is if you ignore the faint bit of the rope tying it on that you can see.
The moment I saw that a mosaic (14) was included I knew exactly which photo I would take. This mosaic is on a wall in a local shopping centre. Although I say shopping centre, there is really just a SPAR, a hairdresser, video shop and loads of restaurants which I guess is where the theme of the mosaic came from. You would never know that this wall actually hides the entrance to the toilets! If you look very closely you can see the signs on the wall behind the mosaic on the left hand side.
 \On Friday  I made a flying visit to Gateway to buy a pair of pants for a function and happened to walk past the Barnyard theatre. When I saw the item of performing theatre (2) I thought I would have to make a special trip to town to get one, but forgot about the Barnyard. It has been at the centre since it opened and attracts many awesome shows. Inside it is like a farmhouse, and is set out downstairs with tables so that you can bring a picnic supper. They do do meals too,but you have to order in advance. The picture isnt great since it was a bit dark, but here it is anyway!
Just to prove that this is a family affair when Brenda went to the airshow yesterday with a friend I sent her with a list of 4 photos she had to take (airplane, tower, police/fire truck, and someone taking a nap). She only managed to come back with 2, but that is ok! She did take a few versions of each.
No 15 a fire truck/police car. Here we have 2 different police cars.

I could also have taken one of the police car that arrived after our neighbours house was broken into yesterday, but thought that might be a bit insensitive! Fortunately no-one was home, but in 7 minutes virtually all the movable electrical equipment that was in the house was taken. Oh, and before you remark that our police are quick to get there: that was the security company that took 7 minutes the police were a LOT longer than that.
No 4 an airplane. Here we have 3 photos. I had hoped for a shot of one in the air, but alas it seems the message was confusing. Brenda thought I wanted a close up and spent a long time trying to get close enough to take one, lol. I love this first one, even if you cant see all of the plane. To me it looks like the photo could have been taken in the 70s with the slightly faded colours and the old looking plane.

Since Brenda didn't get one of the control tower yesterday, I stopped off and took a photo of the water tower this morning. This is more than likely the closest I am going to get to a (8)tower!

And that brings us to the end. 7 out of 21 means I am a third of the way there with 2 months still to go!


  1. What a wonderful group of photos. I think the giraffe looks out of place whether its in a truck or not! I love the tower

  2. I love the photo of the giraffe, it certainly isn't where you'd expect it to be ;). I think Brenda did well and also like the first photo of an aeroplane. I haven't joined in with Rinda's scavenger hunt but seeing all the photos makes me wish I had. xx