Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday smiles

I found this on Pinterest and thought it was hilarious. I vaguely remember reading it before, but it was just as funny the second time around. I can just imagine some of my students writing things like this, lol.

For more Friday smiles, pop over to Annie's blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing those Tracy. I've had a good giggle reading them....a bit like laughing my socks off but I actually aren't wearing any :-)
    Annie x

  2. How funny - I love things like that! XX

  3. They are so funny. No 8 must be a dead lame duck!
    Jo x

  4. Thanks for the smile. These are so funny. But they are also common. I bet most high school teachers have a little list of the ones they have come across. I'd love to see some more! Kate x

  5. Oh I love reading things like this! My friend is a teacher and she keeps things that she hears at school - one day she'll write a book...

  6. Oh Brilliant ...thanks for the smile ...even though it is now Saturday lol xx