Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year and 1 little word

Wishing all of you on blogdom a happy and prosperous 2014.
We spent the evening at my sister's friends house. We just made midnight but I made up for it by having a special dinner and a small bottle of bubbly this evening!
I have spent a long time deciding on my word for 2014 and has not made any decision until inspiration struck this morning. I have chosen the word SURRENDER. Firstly I really need to learn to hand any issues over to God nd then allow him to heal them. I always tend to try to solve everything on my own and not trust God to help. Secondly there are certain things in my life which I just need to let go of. I briefly thought of release but surrender seemed to encompass both.
So here's to a wonderful 2014!
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  1. I like your word. I like words that encompass a variety of other different words and meanings. I have done the same thing. Plan to reveal my word this weekend.