Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday smiles

This week I have a few things to smile about.
  1. the plants above. There are 2 on a neighbours property and I have personally never seen anything like them, but have thoroughly enjoyed watching them develop. They started off as a but then that long, hairy "stick" grows out and gets longer, and longer. They eventually became quite phallic, lol, but then the stick became so heavy that they start to droop over. Initially I thought that looked a bit like a ducks head and neck with the dark green at the end, but I guess you have to use your imagination for that lol. THe stick becomes heavier and heavier and then the other day I noticed the other one had fallen off with the weight of it. I guess I will have to wait for next year to see if it all happens again.
  2. Secondly, we had our graduation yesterday. This is a very fraught time of year and since I am the "program director", (fancy name for MC), it is worse for me. It went off well and I can forget about it for another year.
  3. The school holidays are over! I always hate the holidays when I am working and the older Brenda gets the worse it is. My parents end up ferrying her around and there is always clashes between her plans and theirs, lol. So, its back to school on Monday, and things should settle down into a routine again.
  4. I have finally found a white dress for Brenda to wear for her choir compet!ition. Every dress we saw was either too short or too low in the front or both, but finally I borrowed one from one of my students and it fits perfectly! I am not sure what Brenda thinks of it, but so long as it covers her from knee to shoulders I dont care lol.
  5. Last but not least our cat has returned! He often dissapears for a day or 2, but this time it was 10 days. I had almost given up on him, but he strolled in last night as if nothing had happened!
    All in all a good week! Pop over to Annie's blog to share some more smiles!


  1. Another eventful week at yours Tracy. :-) I just love that fab plant....what a giggle you must have while its developing :-)
    Annie x

  2. What an amazing plant... never seen anything like it in the plant world or anywhere else!
    That cat has probably had a holiday in Blackpool! They say for every million cats in this country there are 2 million cat owners!
    Jo x

  3. That plant is fab! I am so pleased your cat has safely returned and you survived graduation. Thanks for the smile. Caro x (running late at #9)

  4. Definitely a list of reasons to be happy, and what a relief that your cat came home :) Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx