Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The frosties

Having not done any crafting for ages in December I felt the need to start knitting. I used to be a prolific knitter years ago bu!t haven't knitted much since Brenda was born. Since it is not fun knitting in 40C heat, I dug out a Jean Greenhowe book that I ordered from the UK about 6 years ago and have never used, and started knitting these snowpeople. As you can see it took me 6 months to finish them, but they are finally done. Despite the fact that Mr. Frosty in particular keeps falling (he is precariously propped up against his wife here) I absolutely love them.  They may even become a permanent item!
When Brenda was a baby she was given a beautifully knitted scarecrow and scarelady by Mrs Bell, the receptionist at the hospital I trained at. (Sam and Sally on this page) They were very detailed and absolutely gorgeous, and we have kept them very safe. I never thought I could knit something like that, but now have discovered that although very intricate with lots of tiny pieces, they  are not that difficult. You may see more knitted toys appearing on here, although I am not really sure what I would do with them afterwards, lol.


  1. Love these little snowmen Tracy! Well worth the wait. Have to laugh at Mr leaning on Mrs F! Behind every successful man is a women working hard!! Or maybe he has had too many Snowballs!!! LOL!

  2. These are lovely...well done on getting them finished!
    Alison xx