Sunday, December 4, 2011

Journal your Christmas 2011 day 2 - 4

I have managed to keep up to date, not hard considering the miniature size of my pages! I have not as yet printed the photos which will go on the back of the card, but will do that when I can go to the shop. This year I havent followed all the prompts since I have done most before.

Day 2 was the weather prompt and here is mine, detailing how we always have terrible weather in November/Early December which was brought home to me by looking at my old JYC's

On day 3 I deviated slightly from the challenge. Here in South Africa the school year ends in November/Early December and then the children are on holiday until mid January. As a result growing up December was filled with anticipation - waiting for results/reports, did I pass, what did I get, as well as the more normal Christmas feeling. Our reports used to be posted to us and what a scary feeling it was to see that brown envelope in the mail. Now that I am studying again and waiting for results (this time on the internet, lol) it seems to bring back that out of school feeling.

Today I went shopping with Brenda for an outfit for the wedding we have been invited to on the 16th. An outfit for her that is, not me. Wow, all I can say is I didnt realise how difficult shopping is with a teenager. She has been complaining recently about some of her clothes that my mum has bought, but today was an eye opener of how fussy she has become, not to mention how grown up she looks. Have to start watching out for boys now.

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