Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learn something new every day 5th/6th/7th September

Ok, I have been bad at blogging, but have been checking the site and keeping up with my book, apart from todays. I hope to be able to print by the end of the week.

5th September 2011
Today I learned that very often the bad day we anticipate is much worse than the reality we experience

6th September 2011
Today I learned that summer is definitely on the way! (However, you wouldnt know it by the 7ths weather lol)

7th September 2011
Today I finally realised the attraction and use of Pinterest!


  1. I'm so far behind! :) I love looking at other ppl's blogs

  2. I too have often discovered that the reality of an event is never as bad as you imagine it in your mind!

  3. Like your learning, especially 1. Wish I could get into 3!