Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 things on the tenth

Ten reason I like to live where I do .................

1. The weather. We really have the best weather ever. The only time of year that is not nice is February to March when it is way too hot and humid, but the rest of the year it is awesome. Today at the start of spring the high was 25C, tomorrow is predicted at 30C!. Not many places in the world where even in the middle of winter you can where t-shirts day and night. Sometimes we do have to put on slightly warmer clothes. My coldest I ever remember it being was 5C and that was a few years ago now. We do have a lot of rain but that generally comes in the form of afternoon thunder showers.

2. The relaxed lifestyle. Although the area is growing, it still has a very informal, relaxed atmosphere. Apart from the most expensive restaurants you can pretty much go everywhere in shorts, and definitely jeans. People focus a lot on getting together with friends, socialising and "chilling".

3. The people. Generally friendly and helpful, we have our differences sometimes, true. But, it is a relatively close knit area without being overpowering. I think it helps that there are only a few state schools in the area, so everyone knows everybody else.

4. The cultures. We have a real melting pot of cultures in Durban with evidence all around us. From English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Hindu, Muslim, Italian, Portugese, Chinese, Greek and a few others thrown in between Durban has really been influenced by everything.
Methodist Church, Musgrave Road, Durban, South Africa
Photo: Kleinz1 Flickr

Tracy 002 (600 x 450)

100_2016 (437 x 600)

5. The fact that you can buy pretty much anything on the side of the road. These are more traditional souvenirs, but the variety is endless. You could buy any or all of the following: fruit and veggies, sandwiches, cool drinks, cell-phone chargers, jewellery, sports supporters shirts, sunglasses, toys, stationery, batteries, ornaments, furniture, car tyres and hubcabs and the list goes on. (Obviously, one has to make sure it is all legal!)

 Photo KarinXan (Flickr) click to see the original.

6. This is closely related to 5, but I thought it deserved its own entry. The ingenuity of its people. There are many very poor people around here, but there are those who do anything to earn a bit of money. The side of the road shopping is one example, but it is taken a bit further. You also get side of the road services: - fortune tellers, traditional healers, hair cuts, braiding, window washers, car aircon regas, people will take your rubbish awy from your car, car window repairs, in fact the other day I even saw some pool tables set up outside at the taxi rank.
Photo: KarinXan Flickr

7. The fact that there is so much to do, and something for everyone - close to mountains, sea, game reserves, battle fields. The shopping centres, the sports facilities, many theatres, art galleries, museums, casinos etc etc.

Tracy 050

Drakensberg 2

Photo: TVR (flickr)

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100_1943 (600 x 450)

Elephant family, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve
Photo: Kleinz1 Flickr

8. The shows,competitions and markets - Durban has many shows throughout the year. House and Garden, Baby show, wedding show, Air show, surfing competitions, horse racing, show jumping and even a Sexpo (although truthfully I have never been, lol) We have markets all over from food to arts and crafts to car boot sale.
Photo KarinXan (Flickr)

Silver Falcons – Durban Airshow 2010 18

Photo: (Flickr)

Durban market

Photo: Mister-E (Flickr)

Photo: 9. The architecture - from having such a wide variety of cultures we also have a wide varitey of architecture. From eastern to art deco to more african inspired there is really a bit of everything.

Night View of Florida Road, Durban
Photo: Kleinz1 Flickr

Riche's Building, Smith Street, Durban

Photo: Kleinz1

10. And lastly, the beach. I love that we have a bit of everything in the coast line. Some quiet and deserted, some small townish, some heaving with people. You can have whatever you want.

Tracy 018 (450 x 600)

South Beach, Durban

Photo: Kleinz1 Flickr

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  1. Beautiful photos, I feel like I went on a mini vacation!

  2. South Africa has always been on our list of places we want to go but now Durban is even more so after seeing this post. It looks fantastic! We are keen rugby fans so we would have to squeeze in a game or two to watch while we were there ;-)

  3. Wow thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!!

  4. Very intersting~loved finding about about So. Africa

  5. It's been so interesting to read this and admire your home area, with such lovely pictures. I envy you the climate so much!