Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The one where I admit how absent minded I am

The last few weeks have been really, really busy over here. Mainly with work, and now of course I am studying for my exams later this month. Typically, the busier I get the more absent minded I get and this year has been no exception. I keep forgetting things at home or at work. I bought a new mug for work, it took a week to get myself to remember to take it to work. Then I left it in the car for 2 days, then I left it on my desk for a couple of days, and it is only this morning that I remembered to actually take it to the tea-lounge. Amazingly, I don't usually miss deadlines, but anything else is fair game. I have also been known to do really silly things, but this afternoon I think I settled to a new low!
I was making chicken casserole (sounds fancier than stew, lol) for dinner, fried the onions and chicken, added tomatos, some veggies, potatoes etc. Then I had the bright idea to add some split peas, so I grabbed the tin off the shelf, took the lid off and tipped, only to have Brenda say:
"Why are you adding coffee to the stew?" I had picked up the wrong tin, I don't know how because they look nothing alike and was about to pour the coffee in! Thank goodness Brenda was there, otherwise we would have had coffee chicken stew for dinner. I sure hope I am not the only one who does these things!


  1. I do silly things all the time like pick up the cereal packet to put in the fridge instead of the milk! You're not the only absent minded one!

  2. I did something just like that today! It involves dogs and poop bags though LOL! Nothing gross I promise! Just putting the unused poop bags in the wrong place - oops!
    Expecting to find my car keys in the oven in the morning ;)

  3. lol! i can relate at so many levels. don't beat your self up too much. maryjo

  4. oh yes, grabbing the wrong contianer in the kitchen I do all the time - have had some interesting meals as a result

    I had a friend who always left a newly purchased item of clothing in his wordrobe for a month before wearing because he sain he needed to get used to owning it before he was comfortable using it

  5. Oh how funny - you're definitely not the only one. If you need a good laugh, here's a link to a hilarious cooking story about my DH - http://melissagross.blogspot.com/2011/02/wheres-broiler.html.

  6. That's made me smile! Nice to know there are others out there. :)