Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goals revisited

Sadly after having the last 11 days off I had to go to work today. Mind you, after 5 solid days with the attitude from hell a lovely teenager work was starting to sound attractive. When does it ever improve? I know that Brenda is definitely not as bad as some, but there are days when it all gets a bit much. Mind you, she might say the same about me! So before I went on leave I set myself some goals, and I thought I should go back to see how far I got.
  • make some cards for a couple of birthdays coming up  - 3 done, a couple more to do, but they are for later in the month
  • try to start some art journalling  - didn't even start, will get there eventually
  • read - yes, read 9 books (maybe that was why the others werent so well met, lol)
  • go to the torture chamber gym every day. I really need to get back into this habit -went 4 times
  • write some letters - nope
  • work my way through Beyond Blogging for scrapbookers - I have read all of the prompts and done some commenting, but not much blogginb
  • do something fun with Brenda on Tuesday, haven't decided what yet - went to Museum
  • catch up on my huge i**ning pile - did a fair amount, but dont think I will ever be up to date, it seems to grow babies in the pile
  • Oh, and I suppose their should be some studying thrown in there too, since my exam timetable arrived today - did a bit, but started seriously from yesterday
The one thing I didn't mention in here was that I watched the entire Royal wedding coverage on Friday. For somebody who typically doesn't watch TV I thought that was quite good! Proof that I dont watch TV much. Well, my father (we live on the same property and he does the electrics) set up the DVD machine to record it for my parents to watch it later. When I came to turn the TV on, I didn't even know how to use the remote and which one to use. Being too scared to mess up the recording, I had to phone my father and ask him. Of course, the entire family have been laughing about it for the last 4 days. How long have we had that TV/DVD - 2 years.
I did enjoy the wedding and thought that Kate looked absolutely beautiful and they both looked so in love. Really a nice thing to watch


  1. LOL about the remote; same thing happened to me as I was trying to watch the recording (hardly ever use the TV or DVD player). It was lovely though, I agree! Sounds like you had a nice (mostly) break!

  2. I can totally relate to the teen attitude thing with two seventeen year old daughters. There are days when I can't wait for them to just GROW UP! (and move out...) They are just lucky I love them!

  3. Had to smile about the DVD.....I still have to get my daughter to do any recording!!!!
    And what are holidays for....if not to read books.....I've managed 3 in the last 2 weeks.

  4. Great job on your goals. NINE BOOKS - now that's my kind of time off.

  5. I reckon you did pretty well with your goals..especially while dealing with your 17yr old at home!
    Alison xx

  6. I think you did really well with your goals - specially with a teen around! J x

  7. Wow - nine books. Anything you'd recommend?

  8. Great job on your goals. I think you did great. I still have a few years before getting into the teen stuff...so that will be interesting when it arrives.

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  10. You seem to be making great progress - am wowed that the exam timetable only arrived recently and yet you have already started!