Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alpha-numeric blog hop

As you know, I joined in wiTh Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbooker's rerun over The last few weeks. One of The prompT's was To do a blog-hop or join up wiTh oTher blogs in some way. Mel had The brillianT idea of doing an alpha-numeric blog hop which I was lucky enough to geT a place in. Basically, each person on The hop has been given a different leTTer or number and has To do a posT showcasing their letter or number and post it on The given day for us all to visiT each oTher's blogs. You should have come here via Kim but if you haven'T the complete lisT is here for you to follow, sTarTing at Mel.

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When I heard whaT my leTTer was iT Took a few days To decide whaT To do. Then I remembered a couple of leTTers I had boughT to decoraTe The cover of the arT journal I have never goT around To sTarTing. So, I dug Them from the cupboard and sTarTed by painTing Them pink. Once They had had a couple of coaTs I sprayed Them wiTh my new Smooch SpriTz sprays. This didn'T work as well as I had hoped and The painT splodged up a biT. So, I painTed a Thick layer or Rock Candy DisTress crackle from Tim HolTz and lefT Them overnighT To crack.

I did boTh upper and lower case leTTers wiTh The inTenTion of choosing one, however, Brenda, who is definiTely noT of The less is more persuasion insisTed ThaT I use boTh on The book in The end. I painTed the book pink and Then sTamped The cover wiTh a scripT sTamp. This was where I ran inTo problems, since each ink I used rubbed off. I evenTually found some very old chalk ink which seems to have sTayed puT. My original design for The cover was of course ruined, when dear daughTer forced me To use boTh leTTers. I did manage to persuade her ThaT iT did noT need any embellishmenTs since I am worried They will jusT come off. Then I sat and waiTed for a nice day To Take a phoTo of the book, but unforTunately iT has rained for days, so I ended up Taking a phoTo on The bed yesTerday afTernoon.So, withouT furTher ado, here is my finished journal.

From here on The hop, you go over To X-nomads blog, which is quiTe lovely. I especially enjoyed The post about Taking a phoTo every hour, possibly someThing for a fuTure posT. If you geT losT The enTire lisT is aT The Top of This posT. And now, I Think I will make some Tea and starT hopping.

Note: If any of the posts aren't up yet, please bear with us - the different time zones and the peculiarity of blogging platforms when it comes to autoposts may mean that one or two posts don't appear on time! If that's the case, come back to this list to pick up from the next blog, but do please pop back and try the other link later, when the post should be there for your enjoyment.


  1. What a fun post to read with all those red "T"s! I think your journal cover turned out great - looks like you planned it that way even though you had to make adjustments along the way.

  2. love those 2 ts you created - great colours

  3. Tremendous! Love the Ts you made as well, the crackle glaze worked so beautifully.

  4. Very cool idea! I loved your little demonstration with your letter 'T's and your story. Your art journal looks great and now it is finished. Good for you! Thanks for taking a look around my blog & glad you liked that post. That made my day! :)

  5. I love the glaze on your t's and your post was great to read with all those t's.

  6. A Truly Terrific post! Thanks so much for Taking part in my hop :-) I love your 't's, they've turned out so well, even if you didn't follow your original plan - some of the best art is created by happy accidents though, don't you think? xx

  7. Such creative sharing of the letter T. Love how you used the crackle.

  8. Love your journal cover Truly TempTing colours - very preTTy. I love your post - really great to read Jen x

  9. Terrific and thanks for sharing your Tutorial and top tips for the letter t! xxx

  10. You need to know I did a little "eek!" when I saw the Christmas countdown calendar. I'm having enough trouble (a "T" word!) dealing with all the birthdays and Easter events taking place right now.
    Love that "T" you made.

  11. Hehe! Nicely done. And the Christmas calendar gave me a smile too :)

    Happy Hopping Tracey

  12. What a fun post, and your art work is great.

  13. Loved the letters you've created.

  14. Did you have to change all those letter T's to red individually?! That is true dedication to this blog hop if you did! Loving the crackle effect on the letters. x

  15. yay! you got the bonus of finishing a project by participating in the blog hop! how awesome!

  16. The art journal looks great and your post was perfect to a T ;)

  17. Love those crackled letters! I really want to start my own art journal but I get put off because I dont have mixed media products. I will do it one day!! xx

  18. Oh I love those letters. A very clever post. ~c~

  19. What a great post. Love your crackled Ts:)
    Fiona x

  20. Totally terrific post! Love the finish on those two glazed T's! sandi :)

  21. Tremendous posT - musT have taken you ages to Type!

  22. Oh well done, this is very clever indeed!

  23. Wow, those "t"s are greaT!! Wonderful post :)

  24. Woah - those are so cool! I totally want to make some now - love the crackles they have! :)

  25. Wow many T's ...ur crackled letters r brill!

  26. Terriffic post, love those crackle glaze 'Ts' sorry I'm late posting but Ive been away since the hop

  27. Finally catching up on the last bit of the blog-hop. Love the crackle finish on your letters - definitely a technique I need to try!

  28. Love this! The crackle effect always adds so much :)