Monday, March 28, 2011

Goals for April

At the beginning of the year I set myself a word for 2011 which was change. I aimed to change my life in a few ways - my weight, my finances and my attitude ie to be more positive.
Things got along well for the first month, and then started to go a bit pear shaped. On the finances side it is not too bad, I have been paying off my accounts and learning to stay within my budget and not spend more on account.
The weight and attitude change is the problem. Weight wise I am actually being relatively good with my eating and have given up coke for Lent. I still am not losing though, and think I need to do some exercise. Attitude wise it is really a day by day struggle, their is so much going on at work and so many changes that it is very hard to remain positive. Their has also been a lot going on at home, so it has been difficult, and at the moment I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, in an attempt to get things back to normal I have set some goals from now till the end of April
1. Do all 4 UNISA assignments which are due between now and the end of April
2. Book UNISA practical week
3. Go to gym at least once a week (got to start somewhere)
4 Make lunch every day for work instead of doing take aways
5. Make April birthday cards (4)
6. Make at least 5 cards for the Cards for prisoners charity I heard about from a friend. You make a card for them to send to a family member.
7. Each day think of at least one thing that I am greatful for.
8. Pack Brendas clothes by Thursday

Okay, so those are my goals for April, lets hope that I can keep to them.


  1. Good Luck with your goals! Keep your spirits up and keep positive!

  2. great goals for the month - with weight loss and exercise it is best to keep your goals small, short-term, and attainable. And celebrate every tiny victory. It really helps with the motivation!

  3. Good luck with your goals - i think that posting them helps - makes them seem real.

  4. These are great goals! It took a long time for me to realize it was happening, but I have found that the more I work out, the less depressed I feel. I don't have a problem with depression per se, but I do tend to be negative rather than positive and if I'm having a hard time the smallest things can set me off. But if I keep up with my workouts every day, it helps on both with keeping the weight down and improving my mood. Good luck in April! :)