Thursday, December 3, 2009

JYC Day 1 & 2

Amazingly I am actually up to date with this book. Long may it last! Both the previous years I have done it, I have only managed to start on about Day 4 and then been catching up from the beginning! This year I have made sure that I have been putting aside a few minutes each night to do it. Brenda is also doing it and is busy doing tonights page at the moment. Mine is done, but drying. Anyway, on to Day 1. We had to do a manifesto, so here is my promise to myself, that I will write every day, no matter how big or small!

In the weather prompt I would have done a sunny page, since we are supposed to be having summer at the moment, but since it has been raining for about 3 weeks now, I have stayed with the snowy page, and just talked about the rain. I really hope it improves soon! I am loving this Bo Bunny paper, really cute!


  1. Well done Tracy! I am trying to keep up to date with JYC, I signed up for it last year and then never did anything. So far I'm up to date but I do keep wondering what the next prompt will be about and whether I'll have something to say ;o)

  2. Very nice entry. It's so interesting to read about it being nice and warm at Christmas time!