Saturday, December 5, 2009

Days 3 & 4

For Day 3 I wrote about my Christmas Cards or shall I say, lack of Christmas Cards. Apart from the few I have posted on this blog I have not made any Christmas Cards at all, so I will have to buy. I havent even attempted to do that and am really not sure when I will get the chance! This card I actually bought in a set last year for emergency cards! Paper is Dasher by Basic Grey Journalling is inside the card.

Day 4's prompt was about your perfect Christmas. SInce I have done this twice before, I went for something different. I have never made gingerbread before, and each year I think I will try it and never get it done. So here is my commitment to it! Journalling is on the tag.

I have done Day 5's page, but need to get a picture printed to go on it, and then I will post it.


  1. We make gingerbread most's a lovely xmas well as being do give it a try.

  2. What a good idea to add your commitment to making gingerbread this year! I have to admit, I'm enjoying this journal more than I thought I would :). As for your comment on my blog about the Webber, it really ISN'T the weather for it but because we put it in the Webber and close the lid we're ok. Jon then goes out and checks on it when he needs to but doesn't tend to stay outside too long ;o)