Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top 5 blogs I visit

Wow, I cant believe how many people have started studying again after a few years. I am so pleased to know there is hope for me to finish, lol.

I have so many blogs which I visit, it is really hard to narrow them down, especially since Heather who was my absolute favourite blog has now given up blogging! I do like all sorts of blogs, but love blogs that give you a little bit of the persons life.
1.  Mynumber 1 favourite at the moment is Kristie. Although Kristie is a scrapper, she doesnt really post scrapping stuff, but I just love her posts. She is so open and free in her posts and most of them make me laugh, quite often out loud. She also takes some gorgeous photos.
2.Another blog I like to visit is Annette I love her creations, and have enjoyed hearing about her kitties.
3. Mckmama has four gorgeous little kids who I have fallen in love with! Hope you dont think that it is creepy to say I am in love with someone else's kids, but if you go and see you will understand. She also has some beautiful photos.
4. I love Caz's cards. And her colouring is really superb.
5. Lastly, but definitely not least I love Mo's blog. She posts a little bit of crafting, a little bit of scrapping and a lot of life.

So, there is my top 5 for this week, may make it a more regular occurence! Hope you enjoy some of them. Although I know if you are coming from Shimelle's, you are probably overwhelmed with blogs by now!


  1. Great fave five sites, have been having a good read!

    I'm still working on mine :)

  2. So many blogs to read and so little spare time! How quickly time goes when you start 'blog-hopping'
    Thank you for sharing your favourites.

  3. I do like your blog, very colourful. And I like the idea of the favourite fives. Just going to have a look at the linked blogs.