Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Summertime photography scavenger hunt.

I have been on a bit of a hiatus both from blogging and the internet. Although I have been around on Facebook I havent had much time to do anything else. Been busy with a work project (finished for now), studying for my degree (3 modules to do at the end of the year), and forcing gently encouraging Brenda to study for her exams. She has to choose subjects this year and since they will only allow her to do a subject if they get above 70% in it, she has to do well. I have been checking blogs, but not commenting much and have done very little crafting at all.

Whilst checking a couple of blogs out recently I noticed that Rinda's summertime photo scavenger hunt has started. This is something that I really enjoy. Considering I have taken exactly 15 photos this year on my phone and none on my main camera, I thought I should definitely join in again! I seriously haven't done much this year with all my commitments but yesterday I took Brenda to a local student expo looking for career ideas etc and came across this sign on a fried chicken stall. I vaguely remember having seen the saying before but it made me laugh anyway. So, without further ado, my first photo for the 2013 scavenger hunt.

#7 A sign that is funny

The day was warm, although a bit rainy and we did get quite a few ideas for what she would like to do, although I think she is still a bit confused.

One thing she would love to do though is this:


 Sorry that the photo is sideways, I have no idea why since it is a portrait photo in real life, mmm.
They had a flying school there and Brenda tried the flight simulator. I love the way this photo looks like she is really up in the air! She would love to do this, I however am still picking myself up off the
floor from hearing the price!
As for the hairstyle, apparently this is the latest fashion to have your pony tail on the side like that!

Anyway, just to show you how unpredictable our winter weather is, when we arrived it was overcast, half an hour later it was raining. When we left we went down to the beach for an ice-cream and it was like this:

(Once again, not sure why it is sideways!) Not many places you can eat an icecream outside the day after the winter solstice, are there?


  1. So glad the Scavenger Hunt is encouraging you back into blogland.
    I love that sign!

  2. Of all the signs I've seen on the scavenger hunt blogs, this one is the funniest!