Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friday smiles (on a Sunday)

I found this meme over at Annie's blog A stitch in time and thought I would join in. We can never have enough smiles! I just loved this picture my sister sent of my nephew's (green shirt) first day of school. I love that he looks so happy and content, and the expression on the little girls face. I promise you all that the baby on the floor in the back is alive and well!

I will try and remember this in time next week!


  1. Aw I really love your pic Tracy....and yes it has made me smile too. I would say that little girl is gonna make sure he is fine and happy :-)
    Thanks so much for joining in.
    A x

  2. What a little cutie he is... and obviously the little girl thinks so too!! ;)

  3. This really brought a smile to my face today!

  4. He is adorable and definitely brought a smile from me. I agree with Annie, that little girl has definitely got him in her sights. xx Maggie