Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Goals and 1 little word.

I know, I know, I know. I did say that this post would be out on the 2nd and it is now the 7th! I really didnt get much chance to do anything when I was staying with my sister. Amazingly looking after a 14, 7 and 2 year old appears to be MUCH more time consuming than a 13, 6 and 1 year old. I would have thought it was the other way around! Also, I find writing posts like this on my phone really tiring, so decided to wait until I get home.

My word for this year is Discipline. Now, this may seem a strange, almost harsh word for the year. Perhaps I really mean self-discipline, but I think it is a bit more than that. Whenever I stay with my sister I get a bit jealous. Although, perhaps that is the wrong word since there are a lot of things about her life that I don't envy, but I can't think of a better one. Everything just seems perfect in her house (maybe because it is only 4 years old and ours is about 40 years old, lol), it always seems light, airy, neat and tidy and everything seems to run smoothly. Not only that but she just seems so much more together than me, she is thinner than me, seems more organised than me, never runs out of anything etc etc. So, this time I was there and I looked at her and wondered what is different about us. (Apart from the money she has to have a full time live in nanny and cleaner, lol) And, what I realised is that my sister is disciplined, whereas I am not. She will get up and go to gym regardless of whether she feels like it or not, she has the most AMAZING will power food wise, if she has lunch the moment she finishes she gets up and puts her plates in the sink at least to soak if she doesn't wash them immediately.  She even gets up in the morning the moment the alarm clock goes off ! I can think of many more examples than that. Now, my sister is not a paragon of virtue by any means, but I think this is really something to admire. I tend to skip postpone gym if I am feeling tired, eat regularly scheduled chocolate and take the plates to the kitchen when I am going that way, or once I have finished my program, which means that they only get done much later or sometimes even the next morning. (Blush). Everything gets done, but in its own time. I am a procrastinator, she is not. So, in an effort to sort myself out and become more organised like her I need to become more DISCIPLINED. I plan on setting myself a goal of a habit a month and trying to stick to it. I see this as different from my goals which I will post below, rather as a concrete way of becoming more disciplined. So, my habit for January is that I promise to ensure that the dishes are washed and the kitchen clean before I go to bed each night!
Onto my goals for the year. When I looked back on 2012 goals, I realised that I actually for once didn't do too badly, so I am going to carry on from there.
1. Take packed lunches and go to gym. I actually did this last year for a lot of the time, I went to a dietician and have lost about 25kgs, still got a way to go. This year I need to get back on the wagon after the holidays and continue with my weight loss.
2. Save money, once again this is ongoing. I am becoming much better at budgeting, but really battle to put something aside every month. I do have a retirement annuity, life insurance etc so I guess in a way that is also saving, but my savings account keeps getting eaten into.
3. Keep the house clean, neat and organised (see above). Right now it is not actually looking too bad, need to keep it up.
4. Learn to keep a diary, and proper to do list
5. Become more patient (also ongoing)
6. Read my Bible.
7. Finish my degree (YAY)

So, there you have it, my goals for 2013!