Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 69/365+1

Today's word was fuzzy, and while I had a few ideas, I have deviated from the theme. We have a non-smoking policy at work. This afternoon my colleague Rox came running through my office, jumped up on the chair, opened the window, pulled out a cigarette and leant out the window! I was shocked, thinking she was going to smoke out the window, lol. (I preferred not to think she was going to jump) Only to discover she was actually throwing the box out the window to another colleague who had left them behind. A make up bag, and then handbag followed soon afterwards. I am happy to report that nothing was broken, or blew away. To put it in perspective, our office is built on a hill, so even though we are on the ground floor, the height at the back is about 1 and a half storeys high! So here is a picture of Roxanne the mad hanging out my window. She was actually on the window ledge at one stage, but I missed that.