Thursday, February 16, 2012

47/365 + catch up

Todays prompt was inside your handbag. Well, what a revelation, lol. This is exactly what I took out of my bag, nothing left out at all. I usually clean it every few months and thought it was relatively empty, until I did this. So here is my hall of shame.

  • deodaramt
  • 3 different kinds of medication
  • lots and lots of paper, including a couple of payslips and my South African Nursing Council registration. I do have a good filing system dont I :-)
  • bank card
  • a chain, watch and bracelet
  • lid for a container from Gateway Hotel which I have never been to, who knows where that came from
  • a memory stick
  • keyring with a mini-bible on it
  • ID document
  • book
  • a sweet that we were given at church on Christmas Day (!)
  • the orange container contains my cereal that I didn't have this morning and a rusk that was also supposed to be part of my lunch, uneaten because I did not get a chance to have anything until 3pm when I went to Wimpy instead.
  • 2 sample tubs of Bennets Baby bum cream, another mystery
  • sweeteners
  • keys
  • mobile-phone sock (phone is charging)
  • box of matches
  • lots of coins
  • golf ball - mystery number 3. Don't play golf or know anyone who does well enough to have a ball
  • 8 pens and 1 pencil, now we know why I can never find any
  • earphones for the Nokia phone I havent had for 2 years
  • sunglasses
Apart from the book (taken today because I thought I might have a bit of waiting around, no such luck) these things all normally live in my bag. I also usually have a purse and phone in there. The papers and the container lid have been binned, but everything else has gone back.

Catch up:
I am having a bit of a problem with my phone at the moment. The trackpad on my blackberry keeps freezing, so battling to transfer some photos over which is one of the reasons I have been behind. Any suggestions on how to sort it out will be appreciated. I don't really want to spend money on it since I am due for an upgrade in July. I have left space and will add them when I have sorted the phone out or made some other plan.

Day 46:

Photo to come here.

I didn't go with the prompt, but took a photo of the chair that our graduating year donated to my old school. A couple of years ago the school wanted to replace all the chairs in the hall. They asked all the Old-girls to sponsor a chair or part of a chair. At our re-union we collected money for 3 chairs. My daughter is now at my old school, and last night at the school concert I happened to be sitting behind the one of thechair that we donated.

Day 45:

Photo of candle to come here

Day 44:

Once again, off topic. In our house you have to be careful of what you close up since our cat sleeps in the oddest places, here she is asleep in Brenda's school bag.

Day 43
This picture hung on my grandparents wall and now belongs to my parents. It is a set of 4 entitled The First steeplechase on record, although my mum thinks there may have been 6 to start off with.

Day 42:
Picture of Brenda on her return from her friends house this afternoon.She was not that thrilled to pose!

Day 41
Not so much a picture of a heart as what I am loving at the moment: All the beautiful Valentines flowers in the shops!

Glad to be caught up, I will add the other photos as soon as I can, or try to take them again.


  1. Fabulous catchup ... love your bag contents! LOL at the mysteries :D

  2. The cat in a bag would have won 'most original what's in your bag prize!

  3. It's a wonder you don't have a bad back lugging that lot around - is it a rucksack? :0)

  4. I thought MY bag was bad!My DH hates his Blackberry..the trackball just being one of his issues with it!
    Alison xx