Friday, January 13, 2012


I actually have two photos for you today. One taken earlier, and one a while ago. The first one, my official picture for today shows our fridge at work. We have an ongoing argument at work regarding food left in the fridge for weeks on end. Some people will not throw their leftovers away at all, and they stay their for weeks on end. A few months ago their was a container of bean curry which stayed there for 9 weeks until someone threw it away container and all! We have put notices up, mentioned it in meetings etc with no improvement. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I came back to work and found the fridge looking clean. I suspect one of those who didnt take leave last week must have finally flipped and thrown everything out. I am a bit scared to open up a can of worms so have not asked! So, without further ado, here is a picture of my nice clean work fridge.

The second bonus picture shows you what happened in my house when I asked Brenda to clean a small spot of yoghurt that had spilled in the fridge! This was taken a few months ago. Sorry it is a bit dark, but was taken on my phone in the evening.


  1. Lol!

    They have the same issues with the fridge where I work.

    Don't think anyone would fit in our fridge!

  2. Oh we have the same problem at work too! Why do people do that? I'm sure they wouldn't do it at home! And lol at Brenda in the fridge!! :)

  3. Two great shots! Never seen anyone sat inside a fridge before.. brilliant!