Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 things on the tenth

I was sitting in the car this morning after dropping Brenda off at school when I suddenly realised it is the 10th and I had forgotten all about it.  This is a monthly meme over at Shimelle's blog where we blog a list of 10 things.

This is my list of 10 things I would like to do before I am 50:

1. Learn to play the guitar
2. Travel abroad again
3. Be debt free (including car etc)
4. Have some sort of nest egg of savings (this is a work in progress, but keeps getting used up)
5. Have completed my degree, masters and be busy with (if not finished) my PHD
6. Brush up on my piano
7. Have researched the family tree on both my mother and father's side
8. Gone on a cruise
9. Swum the Midmar Mile again
and most importantly..............
10. Be fit, happy and healthy!


  1. Sounds like a great list! I think I would like to do all of these things before I turn 50 too, though I've got quite a while! ;)

  2. sounds like a busy time ahead!

  3. That's a great list! Best wishes on finishing your degree(s), and being a pianist myself, I hope you find time to make music!

  4. Kudos to number 10 - I'd like to achieve that one before I'm 37 and I'm 36 now. LOL. I'm happy - but that fit and healthy part definitely needs work!