Friday, September 2, 2011

Learn something new every day - day 1/2

Sadly, what I learned yesterday is that I am not going to have much computer access this month! My computer has had to go in for fixing and it seems like it is going to be a big job, so not sure when I will get it back. The computer I am using now is ok (ish) for internet access, but I cant downloaad photos etc. Which means I cant print the photos to add to my page. So, I hope to blog my lesson daily from my phone, I will do the layouts and then print every few days and upload the pages then.

Since my plan was to learn a positive thing every day I overlooked the above lesson and thought of another!
What I learned on the 1 September 2011:
  • it was a very good thing I spent half the night (31/8) doing and uploading my university assignment since on the 1st the website crashed! I would have gotten 0!
What I learned on the 2nd September 2011:
  • There is nothing better than Steers chips and Woolworths triple chocolate Sundae after a stressful day!
I have done yesterdays page, and will do todays either later or tomorrow morning. I haave also prepared pages a few days in advaance in an effort to keep up.


  1. so glad you had got all your stuff uploaded that was a blessing indeed

  2. Arrrgh! My thoughts and sympathies are with you ... Your determination to keep going with the class is admirable :), and looking forward to seeing how it unfolds for you.

  3. I love how you are being so positive!

  4. Sorry to hear about your computer, but glad to hear you're not letting it beat you!
    Alison xx