Monday, June 6, 2011

Mother strikes again!

Brenda's school have an arrangement with one of the local shopping centres, where each week a selection of art is chosen and displayed at the Spar and if your art is put up you get a free milkshake at the coffee shop. So, this week Brenda was one of the chosen kids and on Saturday we duly went off to have the milkshake. I had not seen the display as yet, but could see it at a distance from where we were sitting. All the pictures were of soft drink cans. I knew that Brenda had chosen to draw a Fanta Grape can of which I could only see one picture. As a result, the following conversation ensued.

Me: "I must say Brenda, yours is the best of all of those drawings. Yours and the coke can at the very top"
Brenda: "mmm, Mum, which do you think is mine?"
Me: "Well, the fanta Grape one in the bottom left corner....."
Brenda: "No, that is not, mine is the one at the top under the coke can you like!"

Oops, of course, much backtracking (amidst hilarity) ensued, but not sure if I managed to convince her. In my defence it was quite far away, and she had coloured the purple in very lightly, which is why I only picked up one Fanta Grape can. Next time I will look very closely before I open my mouth.

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