Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Just had a conversation with the 13 year old that went like this:

13 year old: "Whatks for dinner?"

Me: "the remains of last nights supper"

13 year old: "That's the problem. I just watched a programme on talking chickens and I have decided to become a vegetarian"

Me: "but you don't eat vegetables"

13 year old: "That's ok, I'll just eat the rest of the stuff!"

Now, if you don't eat meat and you don't eat vegetables (including beans etc) what is there left to eat. Surely man cannot live by Carbs alone? Any suggestions?
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  1. LOL.... Oh dear!! Let me know how you get on with that one!!

  2. Ah... lol! Though, I was vegetarian for many years and I didn't like vegetables - oh, and I'm allergic to nuts so I couldn't even eat those! (I wasn't very healthy though. I don't recommend this approach!) Good luck....

  3. oh gosh hun that is tricky good luck with that one,hugs cheryl xxxx

  4. Well, there's fruit for vitamins, hundreds of types of cheese for protein, and lots of lovely grains like wheat, rice, quinoa etc. for carbohydrates. I think bread, cheese and an apple covers it!

  5. Gee that sounds familiar! When my daughter went veg, I was forever telling her that "Vegetarians eat vegetables."

    Flash forward a few years and she is a stict vegan (no milk, eggs, butter, honey, leather...anything from an animal) and loves experimenting with different veggies.

    Good for you working with her on this. Believe me, I know it's a hard adjustment!

  6. VERY Funny - especially to me - I am in the same boat and call myself a "bread-aterian" ;) Thank you for your post to The Summer of Color - and please do join in when you can - we would love to have you! Kristin xo