Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back again and Thank you!

I took a bit of a break to finish exams and try and recover from the flu I have had. The exams went reasonably well, although trying to study with flu was not fun, hopefully that is the first and last time! Work is just as busy as every, although I haven't been there that much.
At the very start of blogging for scrapbookers I entered for some Blog Candy and was so excited to win. The parcel arrived about 10 days ago but havent had a chance to post about it before now. So, thanks Bev
(if you click on the link Bev has an awesome recipe on her blog too). I loved all the goodies, especially the flowers and the sentiment on the card which reads "Housework, ummmmm No ....I'm crafting!"
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  1. I hope that you get good exam results, and that you have fully recovered from your flu?