Friday, June 10, 2011

10 holidays I would like to take

1. Egypt
Pyramid of Khafre

Source: NidalM (flickr)

2. Pompeii
Pompei, Italy
Source: Alex Ranaldi

3. Turkey

Source: PEACE(flickr)

4. Mayan Temples
Mayan ruins at Caracól

Source: Ryan Greenberg

5. Great Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe_ (93)

Source: Al Green (Flickr)

6. Zanzibar
Zanzibar boat

Source: C.Ramsay (Flickr)

7. Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls at dawn - 15

Source: Ed Yourdon

8. Bali

Source: zsoolts

9. Terracotta warriors

Terracotta Warriors
Source: Gogaps
10. Russia
Moscow-Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Source:  Joli Soleil

Of course there are many more places I would love to go, but these are my top 10. There are a few more places I would like to go back to as well! I will have to start winning the lottery!

This post is part of Shimelle's 10 things on the 10th, where participants will show off 10 random things on the 10th of each month.

7. Niagara Falls


  1. great list - I've visited 4 of them and loved tham - and would love to visit the other 6

  2. Oh yes, wonderful list, I could happily join you on all of these I think. The Mayan temples (and the beaches and cabanas at Tulum) have been on my 'list' for a while. I'm still slightly irked that my son and his girlfriend are winging their way there THIS coming Monday - How did THAT happen.

  3. Ah...what a brilliant list :)

  4. Great list ~ I've been to 2: Pompeii & Niagara. I saw the Terracotta Army at the British Museum a few years ago, does that count?

  5. This is a great list. The only one I've been to so far is Russia. I spent a week in Moscow; we stayed in a flat less than a mile from Red Square and were able to see several sites in the city, but there's still much more I'd like to have done. DH was working most of the time, so only a day or two of sight seeing.

  6. These are great places to visit~can i go too?

  7. I have been to Egypt, turkey, Zim and Bali would love to see the Mayan temples but sadly have to go to Antigua this year so won't be able to join you on a visit to any of those others!!

  8. Would love to visit Niagara Falls. :)

  9. Zanzibar and Bali look cool - no sign of Bing Crosby or Bob Hope though - nice selection!

  10. What a creative way to list your travel wishes! Happy travels as you can!

  11. Love your list! I've been to NIagra, and it was wonderful. Would love to go to Pompeii too.

  12. Wow! love your idea Tracy. Have you actually been to these places? the photos look so real to me. I wish I could go to. Bon Voyage!

  13. What a great list. You've got me thinking of my top 10 want to visit places. I've been to 2 of yours - course having Niagara Falls just an hour down the road sure helps with one of them. :) Three years ago we went to St. Petersburg Russia and boy was that ever breathtaking and sobering at the same time.

  14. These are some really exotic places! I would love to go to most of them as well.

  15. Great take on Shimelle's 10 on the 10th! Most of these would be on my own list too. Love your photos.

  16. OK, now I want to go to most of these too!! I have been to Pompeii (twice), that was fab :)