Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We have had electricity since last week Thursday, but blogger has not been working for me. It has been allowing me to comment and visit, but not post. Suddenly, today it is working. So, a summary of the last nearly 2 weeks.
  • I have studied a lot, much more than I normally do, hopefully that will translate into good marks
  • I have also read a lot, and now am up to 51 books this year!!!!
  • We had a municipal election. While I do not come from a very political family, it was always instilled that voting is my duty, so I was amazed as to how many people just can't be bothered to vote. What also annoys me intensely is the political parties and how they carry on. Not sure if it is just a SA thing, but I really can't see why I should vote for you if you threaten, scream, insult, promise to burn the newspapers down, call me a criminal, belittle me and even claim that Jesus supports your party. Anyway, I have now decided to stop reading the news and watching TV for a while in an effort to bring my blood pressure down.
  • Went to my friends 42nd birthday lunch. It was really nice to get to see her and a couple of the people that were there I hadn't seen for years, so it was nice to catch up. What was not so nice was being reminded that I have a big birthday coming up at the end of the year. I am trying desperately to forget again
  • spent time playing cards, pictionary and 30 seconds
  • I also became quite a pro at positioning 4 candles, 2 torches and myself in such a way that I could get enough light to study. I only thought afterwards that I should have got someone to take a photo. Hopefully I won't have a repeat just so I can get a photo lol.
  • Brenda was invited to her first real party, with strobe lights, mirror ball and everything. Up to now she has only been to the yearly school disco. She had a lovely time, I fetched her at 11pm, she fell asleep and slept until 10 the next day. They apparently played spin the bottle, oh how I remember those days , to which I obviously responded in horror, because of course I never did things like that. She will kill me if she reads this, lol
Otherwise, I have an exam coming up tomorrow that I need to get back to studying for. I have a couple of cards and a present to post on here in the next few days. Roll on the 2nd June when the studying will be over for a bit


  1. Good luck with your exams. Glad to hear that the electricity came back on!

  2. hi hun i was unable to comment either or get into my DT blogs rrrrrrrr but its back to normal now thankfully,glad to hear your electricity came back on,and good luck with your exams hugs cheryl xxxxx

  3. Glad you've got the electricity back on, and good luck tomorrow!
    Alison xx