Sunday, December 13, 2009

JYC 09 Days 5-7

Well, I havent actually dissapeared, just been MIA. I have been more or less up to date all along, but managed to catch up pretty much today. I haven't finished Day 11 yet as that is about the tree and ours has only gone up today, so will take a picture tomorrow and get it done then. Day 4 was about Counting Down to Christmas. I did a mini advent calendar in my book 2 years ago and since this year I will be working right up till Christmas, I decided to do a page about the little Christmas Countdown Clipboard I made.

Day 6 is a tale of 2 Christmases, but I decided to journal about my Birthday. I love having my birthday so close to Christmas, but far enough away that it is 2 seperate things.

Day 7 is about lists of things to do. Every year I get stuck on this prompt because I have done nothing or very little yet. I definitely function better when there is a little stress to get things done,lol. Each year I say I will be organised early next year, and each year I am not! I have 2 little tags, one on things to buy, and one for things to do.

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