Monday, December 21, 2009

Crafting Goals revisited

In November I set myself some goals for the rest of the year, so I thought I would go over them to see how far I have come. Despite the fact that things have been really hectic here I think I have done quite well

1. Finish October Recipe Swap - done, posted and received :-)

2. Make Christmas House Swap - done, in transit :-)

3. Finish Christmas Stocking swap -done, posted and received :-)

4. Finish my LSNED (got a few pages left, but have done journalling) -I am afraid I have not got any further

5. Make &/buy teachers Christmas presents - bought, and given out :-)

6. Make Christmas countdown clipboard - done here :-)

7. Make some more Christmas cards - done some, bought some, still got to post most of them :-)

8. Make my JYC album and do the prompts each day - so far I am up to day 19, still got 20 and 21 to do :-)

9. I would also like to make some Christmas Decorations. - did make some, but not very many. :-)
I think that all in all I did quite well, although there is still a bit more to do. I am on holiday now, so hope to get my JYC up to date, and also get my Learn Something New Every Day done! Probably wont get much done until after Christmas now though!


  1. wow! I am impressed!!!! I hope to scratch off the last few things this week.

  2. Well done! I haven't done even a quarter of what I was intending to do this month! I'm also waaaaay behind on my JYC. I think I shall have to quit and try again next year.