Sunday, September 6, 2009

LSNED Days 4-6

I have not forgotten this project, did get a little behind though and did 2 today. This one is from Thursday, when we had to take our prompt from our feet. I had just gone out to look for an outfit for my school reunion and realised that I only have 1 pair of shoes which I wear for everything. I do have others, but they are not that comfortable! This one is from Friday and the prompt was about weather. Well, most people will do this about Autumn, being from the Northern Hemisphere, but mine is about spring! Thursday was our first REALLY hot day, with temperatures nearly up to 30C. We have had our winds started and the first spring rains, so spring is definitely here. The sun, clouds and grass are made with glitter and double sided sticky paper. FLowers are rub ons.

Last one is very plain but will have a big photo of my 20th year school reunion which I went to last night, so didnt want to put much else on. I thought that was momentous enough!


  1. Lovely pages, can't wait to see the photos to go with them. X

  2. Lovely pages, bit jealous that spring is on it's way!

  3. I am exactly the same as you with shoes except I wear them till they are literally falling off my feet and my socks get soggy when it rains... it's then time to go shoe shopping again ;)